few too many moons

by Boat Haus

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released August 2, 2014

Greg Hewlett - vocals, guitars, bass, synth, trumpet, harmonica, tambourine
Jake Nicoll - drums, shakers, synth
Rodney Russell - vocals
Ilia Nicoll - vocals, violin & viola
Aley Waterman - vocals
Noah Bender - trumpet
Tim Callanan - keys

All songs by Greg Hewlett
Album artwork by Greg Hewlett
Recorded, mixed and mastered Upstairs by Jake Nicoll, June-July 2014.

Thank you to Jake, Rodney, Ilia, Aley, Noah, and Tim for playing on this thing.



all rights reserved


Boat Haus St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: patron saints
take it down from the scent above your shoulder
upturned faces at the cases of neurosis
a blue above
is casting all over
a clue, my love
I need one, I do

do this for you if you'll take it from me
to give it up, give it up
to the people in need
the mixed message
to shrug off your shoulder
a fixed message
for the eye of beholder

beholden to all the people you knew
you cut hard at the links that bonded you to
the patron saints
too soon sent to heaven
no one plus one don't equal eleven

twelve plus one that's a baker's dozen
that's an unlucky number for an untrue husband
who flew with you
a fit at the weather
he never knew
you'd fly like a feather
and whip around on a whistle of the wind

we're slowing up and we can see it's a sin
but set a pinwheel turning it's only gonna spin
so many times
till it's needing another
flick of the wrist
or the friction'll smother

the airflow that made the sailing smooth
there's only one kinda word that's really gonna sooth
your many wounds
of a synthetic redness
smothered life force
but I've been sensing a deadness

it's gaining ground through a seed well sowed
it's catching up, seizing up
all your features to stone
your eye, my dear
is falling from focus
I'll try, you'll hear
to locate the locus

of memories I thought were safe in the bank
needn't look too far for those we should thank
for pulling out
of the race after miles
full of doubt
it would take such a while
and whip around on a whistle of the wind
Track Name: steam swirl
before the wind churns
and the wheels roll
before the taps turn
and the cats cajole
sun pseudo-buried in the hill side
tilt up to peer down on a low tide

stony beach
a salty water rubdown
limit reach of a salty eye of a deep brown
set a patch of fog on fire
orange steam swirl up a little higher

and the balance
the balance is the striking thing
cause not for nothing does a good heart sing

after the clear out
and the dimming down
after the dusk doubts
and the mutant sound
moon pseudo-buried when the clouds ride
streaking through to mingle with the streetlights
Track Name: turn around
never thought I'd dive in for the answer
but dip a toe and the next ya know
she cuts the banter

low-pressure system cross her forehead
think my tension breaking joke
set off a warhead

seasons gonna change before we find words
was my blooming belief
misheard or deferred

stony faced and steel-plated ethics
versus a head hangin lower
than her beaded necklace

can you be made to feel
numb fingers grippin the wheel
if I rip rhyme and steal
thick skin I think I can peel

turn around
turn around that turn of thought
turn it around
turn around
turn around that turn of thought
Track Name: clockwork love
part of it's how she
makes a house a home yeah
smoothin edges on a
an urge to roam yeah

those pools of a
a blue so blue
ocean and sky
made one from two now

that's a heart pumping up
like a river
bends and curves rushin
into a quiver

strength and sorrow
for the lucky few
all I need is
just to burn a new

she don't lack for the
good humour
got no time for the
the gory rumours

prefers the company of the four-legged
they animate her day
and run her ragged

sparkin her mind and
giving her character

tippin all the love
to sunny blonde head
I'm in your debt
till I'm all but dead

two winks for the pair entwined
let yourself go to swing on vines
and I know to find a peace of mind

two winks at the dotted line
let yourself to go to swing on vines
I know to find a peace of mind

stepping up to the
the road shoulder
climbing up just a
a little older

clear skies hummin
for smooth sailors
open roads runnin
with tractor trailers

taking steps
some in the right direction
hope that came off with
the right inflectoin

keepin it steadier
is the trick it seems
level the spikes out
wake up from feverish dreams

brush off from the
the cold shoulder
get out from under
the heavy boulders

recognize a rose
just as it's blooming
there before your eyes so unassuming

ya ever see a face
so free of malice
only her rowing hands
the least bit callous

tippin all the love
to the sunny blonde head
I'm in your debt
till I'm all but dead
Track Name: lose sight
smiling all the way to the bank
what of the people we didn't thank
will they be looked at like the strangers?
of that there is no little danger

that point in the sky
where you lose sight
of the birds you watch fly
they keep climbing up to garden's lost balloons
and set down in a crater on the moon

laughing all the way to the train
mining all the pleasure in pain
moving when we cant stand still
talk and talk to keep the silence from building
Track Name: high street hustle
tough love and anvils fall
for you for me for me for you for me

gold teeth and halos glow
for you for me for me for you for me

fair ghost and pistols call
for you for me for me for you for me

worn shoes and tarots talk
for you for me for me for you for me

you a look but it's gone (gone)

longer days
parted ways
but not for long
will they see it through
if it's gone
is it gone?

don't you say you tried
trying might just lead to debate
Track Name: stuart highway
odor of a chopped and powdered ginger
don't let her start in on the trigger finger
dusty red old rovers linger
to try and catch a note from gospel singers

frame ourselves between basalt and granite
below a blue to blaze out any sunlit stage
above a red so red you think it would split
any rubber sole to step into its orbit

we're granted for the moment
a little piece of the bigger token
a fickle notion
when up all over's a blue unbroken

standing with the sky stretched out forever
land rolls out to meet it and to get together
horizon line fuzzed out like feathers
we'll chase it down and never tire ever

without all of the disappointed people
the view is that of birds atop a steeple
which pricks up into skies like a needle
and pinpoints the place of dreaming beadles
Track Name: bonafide flame
wade: far out, far out
trade: your doubt, don't pout
spark bonafide flame
and think, but don't recall

buck up frown
chase silhouettes in clouds
sit still with your kindergarden curls
buck up frown
test cities to the grown
sit still with your kindergarden curls

fade from routes, sea scout
parade it and all out call out
"damned if I'm to blame"
and think to throw their gall

buck up frown
chase silhouettes in clouds
sit still with your kindergarden curls
buck up frown
test cities to the ground
sit still with your kindergarden curls
buck up frown
find currencies to drown
sit still with your kindergarden curls

blink into eyes that see through bullshit's sheen
see bob jump the string bean?
we're ours.

clad in fresh breath
drawn free hand

barren palms
sea sick lost awakened
Track Name: take pause
get off the land
and get on the move
give self to see
straight through the dues
that aint your's to owe
and aint her's to take
when the well runs dry
your love tastes fake

take pause to rub
the blind from your eyes
the blood can't flow
through hardening lines
pump as I will
you're kinking the hose
I won't come up so high
to bring down your nose

honestly I do
wish you could be true
and I could be true, too

to be caught up in so small a place
with all that room for leaving a trace
well I'm all but through being on my guard
better to take the jab
cause they don't hit hard
hit hard
Track Name: bend to your leaning
raise your eyes to the ceiling
and throw your arms up in dismay
cause there's a bend to your leaning
that looks a bit like you're at bay

now is that because you're leaving
with a fistful of questions
and a chestful of heaving
you take everything but possession
you're uncollected

walk away from your shadow
to a shaded place, tucked away
a dark to dim your skyway

I'm not hiding a dagger
nor am I scheming your ruin
just thought I'd say hi hello hey
and maybe ask how you're doing
sit down and let's talk it over
cause surely something's the matter
for you to hold me at gunpoint
every time I catch your eye
and something shatters